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Gear Up for Bikepacking

Trip Planning Made Easy

Whether you’re excited for your first local overnight or you’re planning an epic expedition, we have the cycling equipment that you need for a successful adventure by bike. Shop touring bikes and bikepacking gear, and get in touch for more preparation tips and tricks. Our friendly team of cycling enthusiasts is here to help you select the right capacity bag, ensure your gear is compatible, and share favorite routes.

Plan an Adventure

Check out this adventure loop by our very own Lawson Turcotte:

Towering forests, charming fields, rushing rivers, and scenic mountains all come together in the Moody Forest Loop gravel bikepacking route. With two developed hot springs, amenities, and the general ease of the terrain, this route makes an attractive introduction to a bikepacking overnighter, or a relaxing weekend ride for anyone.

Get Your Bike Ready

You don't need a fancy new bike to have an adventure. Bring us your bike and we can get it working like new and discuss upgrades and accessories to make this season the best yet on two wheels.

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