About Us

The Sled Shed Story

Sled Shed Inc was founded in 1993 by a 19 year old and a $5k loan from Mom. A lot of hard work, excellent service, and DIY punk rock attitude built the company and the brand. In 2008 the original owner found himself involved in other projects and a wide-eyed 22 year old stepped in to carry the torch in much the same way. 26 years from its inception and Sled Shed is proud to continue to serve the community with the same core values of excellent service provided to everyone and begin it's journey in online sales. Although Sled Shed has grown the original spirit very much lives on. It is Sled Shed's top priority to make friends with everyone who walks through the door, or visits online, and to do our best help them find success on their journey to have a good time outside.

Your Complete Bike and Board Resource

All Outdoor Enthusiasts Welcome

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right products for your outdoor needs. We carry a wide selection of bikes and cycling gear, snowboards and skateboards, for beginners and experts alike. You'll never feel an elitist attitude from us because we love helping people have fun, no matter how much they might spend at our counter.

Experienced Employees

Our staff is professionally trained, and our friendly employees contribute to our welcoming atmosphere. In sales and service, we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience.

Full Service Center

Our qualified professional technicians service all makes and models of bicycles, snowboards, or skis! Visit us for a free estimate, and count on us for quick turnaround times and quality repairs.

Professional Bike Fitting

Proper bicycle fit is essential to enjoying the ride. Our certified fit specialists learn about you, evaluate you in the riding position, and configure your bike to meet your cycling goals.